A Few Snap Of Our Cars In Miami Beach

Exotic car rental is in high demand so you might consider renting your dream car 2 weeks in advance, you want to make sure that the car is reserved under your name. And always confirm with your insurance company if they cover the kind of car you wish to take out and always make several copies of your license for faster and easier transactions.

It’s great driving an exotic car as you can feel your heart beat fast and your hand sweat as you try to feel what a half million dollar figure car feels like. It’s east to do also as you don’t need to be a collector as you can just hire an exotic car in Miami Beach from SoBe VIP whose site is at http://www.sobevip.com/, they have BMW’s, Ferrari’s, Lambo’s and much more!. You might even like the attention that you’ll get when driving that exotic car rental in Miami Beach that look of admiration and envy, the thought of mystery of what your job might be for owning such a car and the best part is, no one needs to know that you just rented a luxury car for the week end.

Many people would like to walk in a better man’s shoes and what better way to do so than driving the kind of car rich people do and this is my we collect cars!

Here are a few snaps of our cars in Miami Beach we collect and put on display at car shows..

Jeff’s prize collectible!







Steve’s art styles Bugatti.

Another one of Steve’s. A BMW this time…


John’s AMG Mercedes racer.

AMG Racer

Mike’s traditional red Ferrari.


Mike’s Lamborghini Gallardo. Mike is really into him exotic Lambo’s and Ferrari’s! This is also an exotic that Mike rents out in Miami Beach as it makes him money and covers the loans payments. If you wanna rent Mike Lambo then head over the SoBEVIp.com.

Lamborghini Gallardo

James hippy fun car!